Tram-Train for Wisbech and Haverhill

Wisbech and Haverhill are the focus of Railfuture East Anglia reopening campaigns, regularly featuring in the branch’s column in Railwatch. With populations of 35,000 and 27,000 respectively, and village catchment areas adding thousands more, both towns are in a region of strong economic and population growth that is centred on Cambridge – but both lose out by having poor transport links into Cambridge.

The local authorities in Cambridgeshire have commissioned a series of studies looking into their reopening, and Network Rail’s Light Rail Team has recently linked the two projects, suggesting tram-train could be an ideal technology to use for the reopenings.

So, what Is the progress so far? What are tram-trains? Are they suited to these reopenings? And what is the way ahead?

Read more in this article from Railfuture’s National Magazine Railwatch

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